Campaign details

Brand: Loto
Brand owner: Polla Chilena de Beneficencia
Agency: Y&R Santiago, OMD Santiago
Country: Chile

Executive summary

Loto faced an undifferentiated category that shared similar content and focused on highlighting the jackpot mechanic and the potential for material gain. In conforming to these conventions, Loto had lost the trust of contemporary Chileans, who value brands that have a purpose and give them experiences. Loto’s challenge was to find its identity, surpass conventional values, and in doing so, reconnect with people through emotions that transcend material wealth.

Through different scenes of everyday life, Loto’s campaign caused people to reflect on what made them feel like true millionaires. By focusing on empathy and simplicity, Loto reminded us that the simplest things make us feel like real millionaires – that our lives are full of luxuries granted, not by money, but by access to our loved ones and our communities.