Campaign details

Brand: Lidl
Brand owner: Lidl Portugal
Agency: O Escritório
Country: Portugal

Executive summary

This is a case study about Lidl’s brave lettuce, which led the supermarket’s Produce category to grow at a faster rate than the competition, and twice as much as the other Lidl categories.

It also became a strong driving factor for Lidl’s total sales… and even made the Portuguese people want to become a lettuce from Lidl.

Really. Let us tell you how this happened.

Market background

Consumers’ purchasing habits have changed. Gone are the days of monthly or bi-monthly shopping trips. Nowadays, people visit supermarkets at least once a week. (Source: GfK Shopping Habits Survey, June 2017)

Gone too are the days when fresh fruits and vegetables were only bought in markets and grocery stores. Today, we find high-quality, fresh produce in supermarkets too, where they are less expensive and more convenient to buy. (Source: GfK, Uses and attitudes on the purchases for the household, 2017)