Campaign details

Award show: ROI Festival
Award category: Video Creativity, Integration Communications
Award level: Gold
Brand: Levi's
Brand owner: Levi Strauss & Co
Campaign name: 'Volume Of Life'
Agency: Arkr Group
Industry category: Clothing and Accessories
Release date: August 2018 to April 2019
Budget: RMB 5-10 million
Country: China


The diversification of clothing categories, the high frequency of fast fashion brands launching new collections and assortments, and fashion-forward movements have slowly affected the necessity of denim in the daily wardrobes of Chinese youths. They have gradually stopped wearing jeans, and do not identify with the spirit of authenticity represented by the Levi's brand. Levi's competing brands are no longer just other denim brands. Also, although Chinese consumers appreciate Levi's to be a well-known American brand and a leader in the denim industry, they do not show a preference for the oldish label since it had faded from their memories.