Campaign Details

Brand: La Sirena
Agency: Pagés BBDO
Country: Dominican Republic

Challenge and Business Objectives

The Dominican Republic is ranked sixth among countries with the highest cases of domestic violence. In the last ten years, 2,506 women have lost their lives due to it. La Sirena is the largest retailer in the country, particularly loved by Dominican women for its social commitment. In 2015, the brand decided to promote a campaign in order to increase awareness of and fight gender violence on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


Official statistics told us that only 10% of abused women report their offender, due to fear or shame. 90% of them remain silent. We had a cultural issue: women don't report violence because they're afraid of the consequences, in part because they feel alone due to the "machismo" still very present in the country. We needed to find a way to reach women on this day and generate more impact. Besides soap operas, the most viewed prime-time shows are talk shows, so they could be the perfect scenario for our activity, but how could we do it?