Campaign details

Brand: Core Pavilion
Brand owner: Hewlett-Packard
Agency: PHD Latam
Technology provider: S4M
Country: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru


Hewlett-Packard wanted to test a unique attribution model in LATAM, using mobile advertising to drive traffic in stores for its HP Core Pavilion Drive-to-Store campaign.

The challenge lied in having to manage the same test with consistency across six markets – Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru.


  1. In LATAM markets, fraud is a significant issue when it comes to digital and multi-market campaigns, which are more challenging to manage (33.5% fraud on mobile impressions, 41% fraud on mobile clicks, 63% ghost clicks on mobile visits).
  2. To accurately measure footfall in stores, location-based technology with consistent XY coordinates – which are only available in-app using smartphones’ native GPS feature – is needed. A significant reach among mobile users is also required, together with high frequency to collect, store and use the location data the right way.
  3. The lack of application inventory in LATAM posed a challenge to the Drive-to-Store campaign.
  4. Since the HP Core Pavilion laptop is an expensive item, shoppers tend to go to stores to see and test the product before purchase.
  5. Using location data in real time can improve campaign performance by 63% (based on CTR).