P&G Israel: 100% Kosher Head & Shoulders

Agency: Mediacom Connections Israel


Head & Shoulders is the best-selling shampoo in Israel, nevertheless its potential for growth is still huge:

  • 50% of Israelis will suffer from dandruff at one point or another in life.
  • Head & Shoulders is widely considered amongst both users and non- users as the best solution available to tackle dandruff.

So how can we tap into this huge potential and further increase penetration of Head & Shoulders?


When talking to consumers we realized that driving further growth IS a challenge. When you have dandruff, it's difficult to regularly self-determine. And if others notice your dandruff, they are too embarrassed to tell you!

In short, we needed to overcome a consideration purchase barrier - consumers didn't even know they needed Head & Shoulders and no one was willing to tell them!