Campaign details

Brand: Entel
Agencies: McCann Lima, Spark Foundry Lima, Tribeca Antartyca Lima
Country: Peru

Executive summary

The Peruvian telco market, ruled by the duopoly of Movistar and Claro, had accustomed consumers to depend on the carriers’ private networks. Entel broke the status quo, allowing prepaid consumers to enjoy unlimited calls to any carrier, without using their credit and without depending on private networks. Entel’s unlimited calls offer brought to life its brand purpose of connecting the whole country with a better network and improved service. It also refreshed the sector with relevant communications, providing a fun message and an offer consumers were hungry for.

The marketing and communications strategy launched by Entel stirred the telco category with an offer perceived as inconceivable by consumers and the category itself. The offer benefited the prepaid segment as well as postpaid users, who decided to migrate to Entel to enjoy the service and be able to make unlimited nationwide calls to any carrier.

Market background