Campaign details

Brand: Cablevisión Flow
Brand owner: Telecom
Agency: Don Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Market background

In 2016, Cablevisión Flow launched the ‘Discover the evolution of TV’ campaign, focused on communicating the product's functionalities to a mass audience.

Two years later, we faced a new challenge: strengthen the positioning of Cablevisión Flow as the entertainment platform that allows you to watch series and movies on any device, wherever and whenever you want; and increase the number of app downloads among our core target (young people from 17 to 25 years old).

Challenge and business objectives

More specifically, we set out to:

  • Generate awareness and position Cablevisión Flow as the platform that allows you to watch your favorite series and movies:
    • Brand recall: 56% (category average)
    • Impressions: 100m
    • Traffic to the site through the campaign: 500m+ total clicks
  • Generate loyalty by increasing the number of downloads of the Flow app:
    • Only four out of 10 customers of Flow Box and Cablevisión HD used the Flow app, so we set out to increase that number by at least 15%.
  • Improve the indicator of preference among our core target, 17- to 25-year-olds.