COPD is a progressive irreversible condition. It is the 3rd largest cause of death in China. Smoking, second hand smoke and pollution are the main contributors to this ever growing threat in China. 1 out of 3 smokers of the world live in China and about 100000 people die every year due to second hand smoke. China has alarming environmental pollution due to mass scale industrialization. Thus the burden of COPD is immense due to low disease awareness with inadequate lung function tests for diagnosis and treatment. Amongst an estimated 100 million sufferers, < 30% are not even aware of COPD.


Increase awareness of COPD to prompt early detection.


Ethical Pharmaceutical brands are not allowed to release any branded patient communication. China has a heavily regulated healthcare model delivered mostly through public hospitals and thus quantitative records of patients are not available in public domain. There are also many restrictions on how and where unbranded communication can be done on disease awareness and patient education.