Campaign details

Brand: Aprendemos Juntos (We Learn Together)
Brand owner: BBVA
Agency: Wink TTD
Country: Spain

Market background

In recent years, Spain was hit by a big economic and reputational crisis, which generated enormous distrust of the banking sector, with a great demand for transparency and real evidence.

BBVA decided to move beyond advertising and take on a new role as a transforming agent, aligning its brand purpose, Creating Opportunities, with an action plan that made its commitment to people tangible and practical.

In 2018, words would be no longer enough: it was time to act. BBVA has one objective: to make a real commitment to society and get this commitment to change people’s perception of the brand.

BBVA’s beliefs, which drove its strategy, were:

  • Advertising is necessary, but is not enough to redefine a category and respond to such an ambitious challenge.
  • Giving life to its brand purpose would be the best way to gain leadership. And giving life to its purpose would imply going beyond the banking category, building a project with real potential to transform people's lives.
  • The most powerful metric is utility. Therefore, the challenge would be to turn BBVA into a real ‘opportunity-creation engine’.

Challenge and business objectives