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The Challenge

Audi has a history of promoting progressive, premium driving – leading the way in all wheel drive through quattro, redefining premium through the A8 and combining both elements in the Q range. However, their latest launch was more than a model, it was a seminal moment for the company, a revolution for the future for the brand so activity around this had to be extraordinary whilst also demonstrating that Audi e-tron builds on everything that owners love about their cars, so communicating to them that the Audi e-tron did not compromise on its Audi DNA was essential to ensure that it was a success.

It was important that whatever approach Audi took to educate their potential customers not only conveyed complicated information in a clear and simple way but it also had to be credible, backed up by inputs and opinions from well-respected experts in their field – and this was going to be difficult to do in traditional media, but did lend itself nicely to utilising a format that has become increasingly popular with consumers – Podcasts.