Campaign details

Brand: Almacenes Éxito
Brand owner: Grupo Éxito
Agency: SanchoBBDO
Country: Colombia

Market background

In Colombia, consumption tax (VAT) is known as IVA. In previous years, this tax saw its most drastic increase, climbing from 16% to 19%.

In 2018, however, the government attempted the unthinkable – to impose this tax on basic family goods. In a country where the monthly minimum wage is approximately USD$248, the additional 9% tax levied on family goods is simply impossible for millions of families in Colombia to afford. This provoked the anger of all Colombians, who called for a national strike on Wednesday, 28 November.

The strategic challenge for retailer Almacenes Éxito was difficult, but clear: we had to recover visitor frequency to increase our sales during one of the most difficult economic situations for millions of Colombian families.


  1. During the day of the national protest, achieve the total sales target of USD$300,000
  2. Keep the average receipt at USD$36 per shopper
  3. Retain purchase frequency on Wednesdays after the protest