Campaign details

Brand: Adidas Benelux
Agency: Iris Worldwide Amsterdam
Countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

Challenge and business objectives

How do you launch adidas' most elite boots, Nemeziz, to the Benelux market on a tight budget? This was the brief. It asked specifically for a launch event in Amsterdam that would get young football creators psyched. The opportunity, however, was far greater.


We started the creative process with an insight around the boots' superior agility. Could we put this to the test? But this was lacking edge, something that would get street footballers participating.

So, we chose a different way in. Rather than just focusing on the agility of Nemeziz, we considered the agility and creativity of the player wearing Nemeziz. After all, these are Leo Messi's boots. Dolberg is the only Ajax player to wear them. They are for the ultimate creator. That 1 in 11. We don't just want anyone wearing these boots.