Campaign details

Brand: Otrivin
Brand owner: GSK
Lead agency: MediaCom
Contributing agencies: Grey
Country: Russian Federation
Industries: Non-prescription, OTC products
Media channels: Email marketing, Online display, Online video, Radio & audio, Social media, Sponsorship - media
Budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

Otrivin is a medication that offers quick relief from nasal congestion.

Despite being the largest advertiser in the category, Otrivin nasal spray's market share was stagnating, while the business target was to grow twice as fast as its competitors.

Given that the category works as an impulse purchase, our goal was to increase spontaneous awareness via making communication more distinctive and engaging for the target audience.

Nasal symptoms were a barrier for our target market, because they do not want to miss important life events, which are 'almost on their nose' (this is a figure of speech in Russian that means 'coming soon'). We put this figure of speech at the heart of our Near at Hand campaign and implemented real-time marketing, always-on activity linked to upcoming moments such as national holidays, big sporting events, life happenings, national holidays or routine events.