Campaign details

Brand: Orange Tunisia
Brand owner: Orange Tunisia
Lead agency: FP7 McCann Tunis
Contributing agencies: UM Tunisia, Propaganda Productions
Country: Tunisia
Industries: Telephone & internet services
Media channels: Content marketing, Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary


In Tunisia, amid a saturated telecom category driven by youth consumers, Orange was perceived to be a slow, old-fashioned brand: the kind of network your grandparents would use.


Discovering how grandparents’ internet or technology fails were trending and how Tunisian youth adored grandparents, we lived up to this perception of being a grandparents’ brand.

We created a (stereotypically) slow, old-fashioned character who promoted Orange’s internet products and services and won over Tunisian youth through branded content: the Hashtagging Grandpa. Through an entertaining branded content series, the grandpa acted like the youth on social media. Using Orange’s products, he managed to influence pop culture and become a youth icon.