Campaign details

Brand: Orange Tunisia
Brand Owner: Orange
Lead Agency: FP7/Tunisia, UM Tunisia
Contributing Agencies: Banni Banni
Country: Tunisia
Industries: Telephone & internet services
Media Channels: Content marketing, Events & experiential, Games & competitions, Mobile & apps, Online video, Public relations, Social media

Executive Summary

In Tunisia, a market driven by youth, Orange had the best 4G. But was not known for it.

We showed its speed and coverage by choosing Retro-gaming – a huge trend with Tunisian youth – and created a product demonstration that worked at its best – only on Orange's network.

Now, Street Fighter is Tunisia's most popular retro-game. But while the game has characters from many different countries, it never had one from Tunisia. So, we tapped into the most famous, iconic and hilarious street fighters of Tunisia – The Harzas – women who work in Turkish baths called Hammams – and fight over stealing each other's clients!