Campaign details

Brand: KFC Italy
Brand owner: YUM!
Lead agency: Isobar Communicatons Italy
Contributing agencies: Simple Agency
Country: Italy
Industries: Restaurants & takeaways
Media channels: Content marketing, Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

The Dipping Bucket campaign managed to make the most of a very small budget, delivering business results, thanks to the power of its creative idea and its multiplatform creative solutions. The Dip Love interactive video, round-shaped like a bucket, allowed KFC Italy to engage with its Italian audience in the most surprising and engaging ways, building a cool newcomer brand, able to convert love – Dip Love – into transactions.

The ultimate message of the campaign was that no matter who you are – very young or very old, in a couple or a group of friends, Black, Asian or Caucasian, a statue or a T-Rex – the Dipping Bucket encourages you to share its great taste with whomever sits beside you. This big message of sharing turned into a great way of connecting with our target – more than 14 million people shared the Dipping Bucket online and between each other.