Campaign details

Brand: Huggies
Brand Owner: Kimberly Clark
Lead Agency: Ogilvy, Mindshare
Contributing Agency: Veritas, Barrows
Country: Canada
Industries: Baby care
Media Channels: Content marketing, Mobile & apps, Online display, Online video, Product sampling, Social media, Websites & microsites, Word of mouth, advocacy
Budget: 1 - 3 million

Executive Summary

Over ten years ago, Huggies was the leading brand in the diaper category. But in recent years it had lost its focus, with Canadian marketing efforts subsumed to a North American approach. In 2015, Canada developed a country-specific program, which didn't just communicate a new philosophy, but was actually put into practice in Canadian hospitals, changing the way newborn babies are cared for.

No Baby Unhugged was launched to position the Huggies brand as an extension of a mother's hug and to champion the emerging science of hugging. Through hospital hugging programs, and by educating moms about all the ways hugs help newborns thrive, we capitalized on the brand's emotional equity while adding medical authority – all while giving Huggies a new brand purpose.