Campaign details

Brand: Hiroshima Tourism
Brand owner: Hiroshima Prefecture
Lead agency: I&SBBDO Group, KOO-KI
Contributing agencies: BBDO J WEST
Country: Japan
Industries: Destinations and locations
Media channels: Content marketing, Public relations
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

With an investment of just US$100,000, we added US$10m of value to the oyster trade in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, a region renowned for its delicious oysters.

We achieved this by leveraging a shameful statistic: 99% of Hiroshima residents could not write the word ‘oyster’ correctly in kanji, the original Japanese writing system.

We created a news outcry around this fact, so oysters returned to everyone’s mind.

We provided a solution in the form of a school workbook dedicated to oysters. This branded content helped children learn how to write and understand everything about oysters, generating positive publicity for the Prefecture and putting oysters back on everyone’s plate.

Market background and objectives