Campaign details

Brand: Hépar
Brand owner: Nestlé Waters
Lead agency: Marcel
Contributing agencies: Collins & Cooper, Prodigious
Country: France
Industries: Bottled waters
Media channels: Online video, Public relations, Social media, Word of mouth, advocacy

Executive summary

Hépar is a small water brand with a limited budget. Over the last few years, it became famous for its effectiveness against constipation, which enabled the brand to grow and reach a significant market share (5.5% share in volume and 8.6% share in value).

This sudden fame created a new problem, as having a bottle of Hépar on your table became embarrassing. Our objective was to make the brand more acceptable, so it could continue to grow.

Our clients accepted to follow a bold and unusual strategy: instead of trying to change how the brand was perceived, we worked on changing how constipation is perceived.