Campaign details

Brand: Flixonase
Brand owner: GSK
Lead agency: MediaCom
Contributing agencies: MailRu Group
Country: Russian Federation
Industries: Non-prescription, OTC products
Media channels: Online display, Online video, Programmatic display, Social media, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Flixonase is a challenger brand in the category of remedies for the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It had a small market share due to its premium positioning as a prescription drug. 2018 became the year in which Flixonase was to be fully launched in the over-the-counter (OTC) category, so it posed both a huge challenge and an unprecedented opportunity to enter this competitive market – the brand needed to maximise its visibility.

Based on the insight that allergies and pollen always come at the wrong time, we created a predictive AI-based map that allows the audience to know in advance when pollen becomes present in their city. Moreover, this was achieved in the country with the biggest landmass in the world: Russia.