Campaign details

Brand: Embrator
Brand owner: Embrator
Lead agency: FP7/CAI, Part of McCann World Group
Country: Egypt
Industries: Sportswear
Media channels: Television
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

How innovative can underwear get? Well, Egyptian manufacturers will surprise you. They've done it all. From glow in the dark boxers to winter long john's in all colours, Embrator and its competitors have fiercely competed over a share of Egypt's undies for the past decade.

As a challenger brand, Embrator was sick of competing on petty gimmicks. A tiger printed brief wasn't going to gain major market share and the battle was getting too tiresome and unrewarding. So rather than fight, Embrator decided to leave the battlefield, and instead create a new category altogether, a much needed category no one else was addressing.

Market background and objectives