Campaign details

Brand: DNB Bank
Brand Owner: DNB Bank
Lead Agency: Inspired UM
Country: Lithuania
Industries: Banks, credit cards, loans
Media Channels: Social media
Budget: 0k

Executive Summary

Bold, colourful and what is most important – easy. In 2016, DNB bank has stepped outside the corporate banking communication box, making their Facebook account a private source of user interaction. Products, projects and financial information were created with humour and up to date with hot-topics, debated by the public.

The bank's reaction to one of the most talked about topics of the day was turned into a real-time marketing case, delivering wide-spread media attention to the bank and generating a positive reaction from the users.

Lithuanian ex-politician E. Masiulis hid €106.000 inside a box for a vodka bottle. When confronted, he explained it was a loan. The news of a loan in a bottle was the main media story following a long political scandal. It was the perfect situation to step up with a public offer to take a loan legally and with a humour.