Campaign details

Brand: Cini Minis
Brand Owner: Cereal Partners Worldwide
Lead Agency: McCann Paris
Contributing Agencies: Agence Noproblemo
Country: Poland
Industries: Breakfast cereals
Media Channels: Online display, Online video, Social media, Television

Executive Summary

A serious debate has been going on since the dawn of time – are breakfast cereals best when consumed in cold or warm milk?

In order to bring new lovers into the brand, Cini Minis – a cinnamon cereal for teens – decided to take side with one simple message: "Warm milk reveals the great taste of Cini Minis". McCann was commissioned to create a digital campaign for Poland. The challenge was to truly connect with our teen audience to engage them on a very tight budget.

Drawing inspiration from TV culture, McCann created Warm Milk Got Talent, a campaign revealing the absurd talents of our emblematic characters – the Crazy Squares – in warm milk. In order to engage teens during key moments, the brand invited itself in the conversation around the most teen-friendly local TV show: Poland Got Talent! (Mam Talent!).