Campaign details

Brand: Canon
Brand owner: Canon
Lead agency: Uncle Grey
Country: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Industries: Camera, photography
Media channels: Content marketing, Online video, Programmatic display, Social media, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

This case study shows how Canon, the camera company, increased its sales in Scandanavia following the challenges and declines in its business that had accompanies the emergence of smartphones.

We live in a world of visual abundance, but that scenario only benefitted the highly popular smartphones and not the DSLR cameras from Canon. To make people fall in love with cameras again the brand had to make people aware of the transformative power of photos taken on a camera.

As a world first, Canon leveraged Google Maps to show that high-quality images can change the face of the local businesses we cherish in our neighbourhoods.