Campaign details

Brand: Byblos Bank
Brand owner: Byblos Bank
Lead agency: FP7/BEY
Contributing agencies: UM MENA Lebanon, FP7/MENA
Country: Lebanon
Industries: Bnks
Media channels: Online video, Outdoor, out-of-home, Social media, Television, Websites & microsites, Word of mouth, advocacy
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

In 2016, the Lebanese housing market had reached near saturation, with every resident who could afford to buy a house already owning one, fewer homes being sold across Lebanon and fewer housing loans being taken in the country. This wasn't good news for Byblos Bank, given that it was launching its new housing loans – with lower interest rates and special benefits.

With five times more Lebanese living abroad than in Lebanon, and more than 50% of them wanting to move back home to Lebanon one day, there was a growth opportunity in targeting Lebanese expats abroad. To sell and promote these new housing loans, we changed the target and the product, and introduced Expat Housing Loans.