Campaign details

Brand: StarHub
Brand owner: StarHub
Lead agency: Carat
Country: Singapore
Industries: Telephone & internet services
Media channels: Online display, Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

This was an innovative use of data by building and deploying a patented analytical method through our own R&D efforts that ultimately strengthened our client's business in the digital world. Innovation was the unifying theme across all facets of this project:

  • Use of Big Data generated via ad-serving. Access to this data is free and represents a great opportunity to drive value.
  • Writing code to automate data extraction, cleaning and preparation.
  • Probably the first large-scale deployment of dual-actuator logging disk (DADL) for data storage and processing.
  • Developing our own algorithm and analytical method which is now branded as 'adcelerate' and has been provisionally patented.
  • Innovative adaptation of tools used in the financial industry, for use in the digital advertising industry.

Market background and context