Campaign details

Brand: Rexona
Brand owner: Unilever
Lead agency: Mindshare Philippines
Contributing agency: Silverpush
Country: Philippines
Industries: Deodorants, anti-perspirants
Media channels: Mobile & apps, Social media, Television
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

In the Philippines, Rexona Men faced the challenge of getting infrequent users to use deodorant every day and wanted to address them by highlighting the brand's functional benefits in contexts relevant to its consumers.

The strategy was to capitalise on technology to reach the always-available audience with real-time and contextually-relevant live moments and connect them with the brand.

The campaign drove positive results and achieved the objective of driving sales as 2018's sales growth outperformed the previous year. Increasing relevance and ownership of basketball was also achieved, as observed in the brand's internal Brandwatch. Social mention results showed that online conversations about the brand revolved around basketball.

Market background and context