Campaign details

Brand: Polase
Brand owner: Pfizer
Lead agency: Wavemaker Italy
Country: Italy
Industries: Non-prescription, OTC products
Media channels: Online display, Programmatic display
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

Polase is the historical leader in the saline nutritional supplement category, a market strongly influenced by weather conditions. In fact, 70% of sales are concentrated during the summer and reactivity to the temperature is around 90%.

In Italy, it's really hard to predict how hot the summer is going to be. Every year is different – the weather can change every week and, above all, it changes region by region. Therefore, to maximise sales, it is fundamental to increase visibility during the hottest weeks and in the hottest regions.

Using a strategy focused on data and the use of digital, Polase was able to avoid the fluctuation in sales due to weather changes, minimising the impact of external processes and gaining 14% sales share in a flat market.