Campaign details

Brand: Pepsi
Brand owner: Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage
Lead agency: Mindshare Vietnam
Contributing agencies: Happiness Saigon
Country: Vietnam
Industries: Carbonated soft drinks
Media channels: Merchandise & free gifts, Mobile & apps, Packaging & design, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Pepsi has been, and still aims to be, an iconic brand for young generations. However, our iconic status had come under threat from an increased number of brands running after the same audience – a generation that is always after the next coolest trend.

Our challenge was to find a way to bring back excitement and distinction to reinforce Pepsi's position as a leading and iconic youth brand.

Recognising the potential of one of 2018's hottest trends, cryptocurrency, Pepsi launched its own – the PepsiCoin. Not only could PepsiCoins be used as currency, we made them a symbol of being cool – the more PepsiCoins someone had, the cooler they were seen to be. The entire concept of PepsiCoin was an innovation for Pepsi, born in Vietnam.