Campaign details

Brand: OMO
Brand owner: Unilever
Agency: Mindshare Vietnam
Country: Vietnam
Industries: Laundry products
Media channels: Merchandise & free gifts, Online display, Online video, Programmatic display, Search marketing, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Social media has replaced real-life connections. Human bonding has taken a back seat. And we remember our mothers via downloaded photos and borrowed quotes.

On Mother's Day, Omo wanted to inspire Vietnam to have a real-life experience and meaningful family bonding time. The brand wanted to bring Vietnamese families together in real life… not on social media.

Omo implemented a Live Command Centre, a one-day project with a single-minded goal: to remind Vietnamese people of the true essence of Mother's Day and urge them to meet their own mothers in person.

Not only did it capture how consumers were talking about their mothers through social listening, but it also analysed pictures posted on social media by them through visual analytics using Google Vision Artificial Intelligence.