Campaign details

Brand: Nike
Brand owner: Nike
Lead agency: Mindshare China
Contributing agency: AKQA
Country: China
Industries: Sportswear
Media channels: Mobile & apps
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Nike's Next% is the fastest running shoe ever created, allowing those who run in them to run more than 2% faster. For marathon runners, the best runners in the world, 2% can make all the difference when breaking a personal best or even a world record.

For this reason, Nike wanted to ensure the Next% would only be worn by its most dedicated runners to help them achieve their fastest pace – and, what's more, their dreams as world-class runners.

As an audience with strong goals, Nike looked into what tools and tactics China's fastest runners use to achieve their objectives. In a tech-enabled world, Nike found that tracking tools on top running apps are their number one companion on their journey of success. This created a powerful 'way in' for Nike to reward them with exclusive access to Next% shoes as they chased their goals to stay ahead of the pack. In fact, only the fastest runners (those with the fastest pace on their pace tracker) would be able to purchase the shoe. Using data to make 'speed a currency' became the backbone of the campaign.