Campaign details

Brand: Latam Airlines
Brand owner: Latam Airlines
Lead agency: Initiative, Graphene
Country: Colombia
Industries: Airlines
Media channels: Mobile & apps
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Latam Airlines, despite not being the number-one airline in Colombia, has something that sets it apart from the rest: its punctuality. That's a way to become more relevant in the category, setting up an objective of building brand relevance at a time when promotions are very strong within the category.

Latam Airlines discovered that Colombia is one of the countries that has the most vehicular traffic in the world – especially in capital city, Bogotá, which is the city ranked as the most traffic-congested in all of South America. Stress levels increase alongside the number of cars every day, especially during the holiday season. And that's when people have the wish to 'fly away' from this problem and get to their destination as fast as possible. That's why Latam Airlines took this opportunity and made the 'fly away feeling' something real.

Market background and context