Campaign details

Brand: Gillette
Brand owner: Procter & Gamble
Lead agency: MediaCom
Country: Israel
Industries: Deodorants, anti-perspirants
Media channels: Events & experiential, Merchandise & free gifts, Newspapers, Other & ambient media, Product sampling, Radio & audio, Sponsorship - event, property
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Gillette deodorant is among the top brands in Israel, except for in the Orthodox sector. Due to their religious lifestyle, the brand doesn't carry any equity as Orthodox Jews don't shave and don't consume mass media. We needed to justify the price premium for the Orthodox community to buy us.

On the Sabbath, Orthodox Jews are not allowed to do "work" (including applying deodorant) for more than 24 hours.

We scoured the Biblical texts to find a warning on the effects of bad body odour on prayers. Our solution was to create a reason for them to buy, a religious reason. We then took our findings to the community's religious leaders and they backed us, allowing us to make better deodorant a requirement for more effective prayers.