Campaign details

Brand: FUIB (First Ukrainian International Bank)
Brand owner: FUIB (First Ukrainian International Bank)
Lead agency: OMD Media Direction Ukraine 
Country: Ukraine
Industries: Banks
Media channels: Radio & audio, Television
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

We challenged the traditional model of media planning for the Ukrainian market, taking the methodology of machine learning as a basis and forgetting about the traditional indicators of media campaign effectiveness. Business indicators became key for us.

As a result of a radical change in the planning approach, we optimised the cost of the campaign by 14% and reached a 58% higher conversion rate, as compared to the standard market level.

The largest economic crisis in Ukraine in 2013–2014, when the Ukrainian currency depreciated almost fourfold, forced a stop to mass communications in the banking category. Our client, FUIB Bank, which ranked among the top 10 Ukrainian banks, has been practically absent from the media landscape for the past four years.