Campaign details

Brand: Dove
Brand owner: Unilever
Agencies: Mindshare Vietnam, T&A Ogilvy
Country: Vietnam
Industries: Toiletries & cosmetics
Media channels: Oudoor, out-of-home, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Magazines have always been a source of beauty standards and, as women look up to those standards, they always end up looking down on their own natural beauty. Consequently, they rely on cosmetics and plastic surgery to cover up, or get rid of, the imperfections they were born with.

As a brand that commits to helping women embrace their own beauty, Dove decided to break all the magazine-created beauty standards.

It achieved this by finding a whole new use for Instagram… creating the first-ever e-magazine, made of Instagram stories featuring only real women with their own natural care stories. The entire magazine was curated in just 24 hours.