Campaign details

Brand: Barilla
Brand owner: Barilla Group
Lead agency: OMD, Young & Rubicam
Country: Italy
Industries: Convenience, readymade
Media channels: Online video, Programmatic display, Websites & microsites
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

This project shows the power of data to build an addressable strategy. The use of a data-driven system was crucial to identify the right people and to address the right creative message. Social listening allowed us to identify new clusters, based on behavioural criteria, and lead the creative approach to explain the company's values and the quality of the production processes to the brand-averse users.

Market background and context

Italian company Barilla is the first producer of pasta and sauces worldwide, but many Italians distrust, and are disappointed by, industrial products. Changing consumer perception of Barilla pasta and sauces and bring "rejectors" closer to the brand was a core challenge for the company in 2017.