This year, 618 is another actual battle to maintain consumer activity cycle and user life journey.

Starting from 618 this year, as a marketer, after acquiring a large amount of traffic, he also needs to seize the opportunity to start subsequent operations and conversions with new thinking. This is because, as brands have undergone major digital transformations since the epidemic, marketing that has entered the stock market period has become more difficult. At this time, how to operate in the entire life cycle of consumers, and deepen their efforts on the basis of further labeling the crowd, from insights, data analysis, private domain closed loop, breakthroughs in interactive methods, and accurately matching consumers with products. Let the brand face a big test.

The annual 618 shopping festival has been reopened. This is also another drill after the brand's digital transformation after the epidemic.

However, with the influx of a large number of players in the arena, brands have to think deeply about the growth...