System 1, formerly Brainjuicer, adheres to the thinking of the godfather of behavioural economics, Daniel Kahneman, about how humans make decisions. Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of System 1 Group, told the audience at WARC's New Tech in Marketing event (London, October 2017) put it neatly. Key to behavioural science, he said, is that "we think much less than we think we think."

Three key elements make up what Kahneman termed System One thinking. First, our decisions are formed by gradual learning over a long period of time, which allows us to make decisions quickly. Second, emotions guide us; they help us to "encode whether the experience is good bad or indifferent and that helps us in future experiences". The third is that System One is a pattern recognition machine, which "scans the environment all the time looking for regularities". For these reasons, Wood's organisation champions three key elements of effective brands: fame, feeling, and fluency.