• Problem: There are no clear guidelines to connect ideation and innovation, design, and evaluation when it comes to the development of product packaging.
  • Solution: Develop a framework that incorporates concepts from cognitive, sensory, affective sciences, and understands product packaging in terms of four moments of experience: Navigation, buy, use/consume, discard/disconnect.
  • Insights: Navigation focuses on the elements of the packaging that facilitate identifying the product. The buy moment encompasses the process of evaluating the sensory elements that are part of the packaging and the expectations they generate about the product. It also focuses on how to influence purchase intent. In the use/consume moment, packaging becomes part of the consumption experience. The objective here is to evaluate how packaging design elements influence consumer evaluation and satisfaction. The discard/disconnect moment is centered on the experience of disposing or ceasing the use of the product.
  • Conclusion: To ensure a more evidence-based approach when designing products, it is necessary to incorporate market research earlier in the process of packaging development. By having a clear framework (i.e., the four moments of experience) it is possible to have more control on the potential return of investment generated by the packaging of the product.