The Ultimate Guide to Douyin Marketing 2023: From the Douyin Recommendation Algorithm to Changing the Thinking of KOL Selection

Brands cooperate with KOLs on Douyin to create content, conduct live broadcasts, and promote products. This has become an important part of the brand’s social e-commerce strategy on Douyin, which will eventually drive Douyin’s 2022 social commerce department’s merchandise transaction volume76 % year-on-year growth. But for the very important step in KOL cooperation - finding the right KOL, many brands actually fail to do this through effective evaluation, resulting in twice the result with half the effort. If you look at different indicators from the four dimensions of communication, business, fans, and growth, and have a data benchmark comparison, you can evaluate the quality of Douyin KOL, the degree of fit with the brand, and the potential commercial value, thereby helping to improve the brand’s KOL marketing. efficiency and reduce the risk of falsified data.

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