The truth about user operations: Are you doing everything right for offline closed-loop, core node mining and access, innovative scenarios, etc.?

Only relying on the natural growth of users and the natural loss of users, marketing will eventually become water without a source and a tree without roots. In the stock market, on the one hand, marketing must use good service and useful value to retain existing customers, and on the other hand, it must use high-quality experience and digital tools to attract new customers to the brand's own pool. However, in a digital environment and an omni-channel scenario, due to the abundance of contacts and the surge in data, the work of user operations becomes more complicated. Whether it is a retail brand, an electrical appliance brand, a catering brand, or a beauty brand, etc., they are still working hard to explore, starting from their own conditions, guiding consumers to discover more possibilities, and not stopping the pace of innovation. It is a must for marketers.

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