Star Plus, India’s biggest entertainment channel, used its huge roster of entertainment, advertising and sponsorship to put the message of gender equality into millions of households in India by utilizing India’s biggest passions of Cricket and Bollywood and tapping into cultural moments to change the way future generations think about the role women play in our lives. Turning the attention to cricket, we asked cricketers to help challenge stereotypes by changing names on their shirts from their fathers’ names to mother's name. This went further through the TV ads featuring cricket superstars and got the public involved with a digital platform. The campaign was not just a one-off we extended it to address the importance of empowering daughters & their limitless potential that can achieve many great things. We also address a variety of questions plaguing India’s patriarchal society & the importance of empowering mother’s in raising sensitive & responsible men. The campaign saw fantastic results for the brand as well as becoming an unprecedented movement with involvement of people from different walks of life.

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