Campaign Objectives & Challenges

Rexona is the Indonesian deodorant market leader and for years its brand DNA has been focused on helping people move. Rexona looked to expand the idea of movement beyond physical exercise and give its "Terus Gerak" (keep moving) slogan new meaning.

Movement for Movement's objective was to lead with purpose, break free from typical deodorant communications, and drive real impact for Indonesians by focusing on those who need help to move the most - people with disabilities. This digital only campaign was a first of its kind for Rexona and took a modest budget under $250,000 USD and turned it into a nationwide movement.

By tackling one of Indonesia's underserved problems; mobility for people with disabilities, Rexona was able to drive tangible change with its Gerak app. Rexona was also able to demonstrate that purpose can coalesce leaders in technology and media for real good.

Insights, Strategy & Idea