Huggies was one of the biggest diaper brands in Vietnam, yet POME (point of market entry) segment was not its game. Despite the availability of diaper brands, product formats and innovation, Vietnamese moms with new-born babies always chose to go with cloth nappy and insert format, simply because it's what almost every Vietnamese mom had been doing and believed to be the best way. Huggies decided to go upstream to gain more spotlight in this POME segment. This campaign had an approach with a human touch that challenged back the long-established cultural parenting behaviors, accelerated new diaper usage trend, and boosted the brand's share and sales -- when tackling a critical, skeptical kind of consumers: moms.

Insights, strategy and idea

Market background

In recent years, baby diaper has been a lively market in Vietnam in terms of brands, product innovation, product portfolio expansion, and consumer base. More brands and choices make it harder for Huggies to win moms' minds & wallets, especially when moms tend to stay with their first brand unless facing issue. That's why winning moms at the very first stage - point of market entry (POME) - became vital to Huggies's business pulse.