Campaign Objectives & Challenges

Facing the Seto Inland Sea, warm and rich in plankton, Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan have been harvesting oysters for 700 years. Now the Prefecture produces over 60% of Japan's entire oyster production. Indeed, the oyster is the official seafood of Hiroshima.

With their exalted status in Hiroshima, oyster consumption was considerably higher in Hiroshima versus the national average. In 2013, an average household would consume 18.8 pieces on oysters per year, five times more than the national rate.

But come 2017, the trends were very worrying. Oyster consumption throughout the Prefecture had been plummeting for several years. While national consumption was steady, consumption in Hiroshima had more than halved, to just 7.9 pieces per each household.

Without some intervention to drive up demand, this trend could become a "death spiral" and according to our research, Hiroshima residents were becoming indifferent to their own delicious oysters.