Young female is forming and chasing their individualism in wide spectrum through digital ways, consuming video, connecting and expressing themselves in social network.

Inner Her:

  • likes to enjoy peer life, to look pretty and attractive, expresses herself in ways of outlook, speeches, attitude & behaviour, like being a Yogi, go to TRX, hiking for IG post to gain likes/ build self-esteem, follow trendy selfie topics/ hashtag, see and to be seen
  • enjoy privacy and herself moment (FB is for family, IG is for herself/ peer)
  • has her own thinking even on the same thing

Her life expression:

  • shares and expresses her opinion publicly on different kind of topics from what they dig from the regions she is interested in like Korea, Japan, even job seeking skills

What’s she experiencing:

  • faces transformation (from high school to university, as a fresh graduate to step into a new zone to meet new people)