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Overview 1. Defining objectives 2. Writing the creative brief 3. Working with creatives 4. Pre-testing 5. Channel thinking 6. Real-life examples 7. Takeaways and next steps
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In previous sections we have looked at the process of devising the brand's strategy. This section of the Strategy Toolkit looks at the nuts and bolts of bringing that strategy to life, with guidance on some of the most common stages of campaign development.

In this section you will learn:

1. Defining objectives

It is important to be clear on what a campaign is supposed to achieve. Campaign strategy should flow from the bigger-picture business and marketing strategies. Drawing these together, and producing achievable and measurable objectives, is a key skill for a strategist.

2. Writing the creative brief

Here you will find papers on how to write a creative brief, and (just as important) how to brief it successfully. Briefing is something of an art in itself.

3. Working with creatives

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