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Overview 1. What is a brand? 2. Brand positioning 3. Brand analysis models 4. Brand types and semiotics 5. Assessing brand performance 6. Real-life examples 7. Takeaways and next steps
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This section of the Strategy Toolkit has been assembled with one simple aim: to give the reader a thorough grounding in how to think about brands.

A brand is more than just a product. A brand's intangible imagery is arguably as important as its more 'mundane' tangible reality. Brands are meant to be there 'for the long haul'; and strong brands can be incredibly valuable.

'Brand strategy' is more than just 'what happens in the ad' (or on the website, or on the packaging). Brand strategy is an upstream process that shapes what happens, and how it happens, across all points of downstream execution. Deep understanding of what a brand is, and what it could be, is therefore a core strategic skill.

In this section you will learn:

1. What is a brand?

This introduction to brand analysis includes papers on the role of the brand and how that may be changing.

2. Brand positioning

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