There was challenge for P&G hair care category(incl. the well-known brands of Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Rejoice and VS Sassoon) seeking growth in offline sales, esp. how to increase sales of new high-end product lines. 3.8 Women's Day has become an important marketing festival to stimulate offline sales, which P&G planned to initiated integrated marketing campaign to increase sales.

It was found that the majority of female consumers put their family's needs before themselves, no matter in purchasing daily necessities or in daily life arrangement. Therefore, a campaign idea named "Be more 'selfish', Live more poetically ", was launched to encourage women consumers to pay more attention to themselves starting by choosing personalized hair-care products for themselves in 3.8.

To inspire them to be more "selfish", the agency developed an integrated campaign to cultivate resonance among women consumers by invite Vincent Fang, one of the most famous lyrics writer in Greater China region to customize life poems regarding perfect hair imagination, and initiated online-to-offline marketing to drive sales nationwide.